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After almost two months of the movie coming out, I finally watched The Social Network.  It wasn’t by choice that’s for sure.  Yeah, I use Facebook and on it practically 24/7 but it never really occurred to me how it all started.  After watching The Social Network, it kind of gave me an idea of what happened and how difficult it is to expand your company.

I was never too interested in watching this movie and still think it’s only an alright movie after watching it.  Nothing about this movie really amused me or gave me that “wow-factor”.  But I do think there are some interesting aspects of this movie that makes it decent to watch. The Social Network portrays Mark Zuckerberg as a bitter, too-smart-for-this-own-good type of person.  He kind of thinks highly of himself and the whole world is out to get him.  I find it morally wrong how he can just steal someone’s idea and claim that it was his own.  At BCIT, I’ve taken a Media Law class which taught us, you can’t steal Intellectual Property unless they’ve implemented the idea into something physical.  But if Mark Zuckerberg hadn’t “stolen” this idea, we may not have Facebook today.  How would I ever waste time and keep up with people now?  That’s not the point..

I think it’s pretty funny how in one of the scenes, Eduardo’s then girlfriend Christy turns into a psycho and controlling girlfriend after she learns that he hasn’t changed his Facebook relationship status from single to in a relationship.  It’s those little things that makes me think how Facebook has changed our lives within the past few years.  The amount of information that’s being posted up on Facebook is ridiculous.  We basically expose our whole lives to everyone in the world to see.  And something as little as not changing your status can cause relationship problems.  In a way, I think technology has taken over and ruined some of the more simple things in life.  Though, I must admit that Facebook can help us out in a lot of ways as well.  Reconnecting to people you’ve met in the past, teachers, friends, co-workers, the list goes on.  For reconnecting the world, I thank you Mark Zuckerberg!



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