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I’ve been signing up for a lot of different social networking sites.  Maybe a few too many but it’s okay I guess.  The more the merrier? is pretty cool.  Kind of like but you’re able to add more than 6 different social networks to it.  Makes it pretty handy to show others your stuff.  Just send them your link instead of sending them a million different ones.

I’m still in the process of customizing everything and updating the information on all my social networking sites but I’ve been soooooo lazy.  Unmotivated really.  Really looking forward to the end of my program where I can just sit and do nothing for the entire day and not have to worry about anything.  Four more months.  I can do this!!!

Just created a Formspring account. Hollaaaaas!


Winter break has ruined my sleeping habits.  When I’m not at work, I lay in bed with my laptop watching Korean dramas or surfing the web.  Most of the time, I end up passing out and “napping” for a good 2-3 hours.  Today was no exception.  It has occurred to me that I’m totally screwed tonight because staying up late is not an option.  Must wake up somewhat early to get ready for work tomorrow.  Pray to God it won’t be busy.. Actually, I want it to be busy.  Then the chances of me selling $30 worth of shoecare will be easier.  I still think it’s totally unfair how my manager’s threatening to send me to work at Park Royal on Boxing Day if I don’t sell enough.  I refuse to work there and maybe a resignation letter should be ready in my purse. *sigh*

My wordpress is SO unattractive.  Still waiting for the day when I’m not to lazy to personalize it and make it pretty looking.  Told myself I’d do it during winter break but I’m just not in the mood.  Maybe in a couple of days?  2 weeks for winter break is definitely not long enough!  I can’t wait until schools over and I’ll have all the free time in the world to do anything and everything.

So I finished watching SungKyunKwan Scandal a couple days ago and I’m just IN LOVE with all the characters and storyline.  It’s been a very long time since a Korean drama has captured my attention.  At first it might seem like a very cliche and typical plot but it develops into something so much more interesting.  Girl dresses up as a boy and attends an all boy school, meets guy, they fall in love, guy thinks he’s gay, finds out the guy is actually a girl and they get together and so on… But it wasn’t just that simple.  There was actually something more behind it.  How  the characters interacted with each other was pretty awesome as well.  It was the first lengthy drama for the main lead Yoochun and his acting really impressed me.  Some singer-turned-actors are so awkward onscreen and you know they were having a hard time filming whereas it wasn’t the case for him.  If anyone hasn’t seen it, I’d totally recommend it. =D

Came across this picture today of JWoww today and she looks sooo different.  Possibly due to the absence of her cakeface.  Even from watching Jersey Shore, you could tell she’s really attractive but she hides it from all that make up.  Some girls will never get the “less is more” thing.  Wonder when Snooki will get that… Anyways… Jersey Shore season 3 in 2 weeks. WHO’S EXCITED?!  I know I am!! =D

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On December 2nd, Jean Hébert came to my Social Media class to give us a presentation on Constructivism and how he used Twitter to interact with his students at Simon Fraser University.

I thought the whole idea of constructivism is pretty interesting and fascinating. How you generate knowledge from interaction between your experiences and ideas.  Jean talked about how he used Twitter to interact with a bunch of his students and have them come up with an assignment for him to do.

I frequently use Twitter and having a conversation with a few people is already pretty tough and overwhelming sometimes.  But he had roughly 60 of his students do that, so I can only imagine the difficulty they had.

Learning is all about trial and error and finding out how to accomplish things on your own.  Through Jean’s presentation, it gave me a different light to see things in.

Watched RiP! A Remix Manifesto for my Social Media class.  I wasn’t disappointed at all in this documentary/movie at all.  It’s so informative and interesting all at the same time.  So to sum up the movie, it’s about copyright laws and how the US tries to bully everyone and sue everyone and anyone that gets in their way.

It’s so mind blowing how copyright laws are so extreme right now and how limited our creativity is when our art has any copyrighted content on them.  While the world is trying to become more advanced and our knowledge is increasing, it seems that copyright laws are stopping people from going further and scaring everyone away.  In the past, it was okay for people to rip off other’s work and build upon it and call it their own, but after they’ve built something “new” it’s suddenly not okay for others to build on top of them.  To me, that’s not only unfair but disheartening.  It’s like saying it’s okay for the wealthy to steal but when it’s the poor, you can’t.

Hopefully one day, copyright laws would change and remixing would be legal.  There’s so much we can improve on if we could share our ideas and put them together.  Say no to suing the hell out of each other for copyright issues!

Signing up for a bunch of things for my Social Media class again.  It’s getting way too easy to stalk me… Not quite sure if this is a good thing or bad!

my tumblr

my foursquare



my quora

I signed up for glitch as well, but I’m still waiting for the invitation code.  It kind of reminds me of this chat I had almost 10 years ago where everyones an animated person chatting with each other.  Seems pretty cool.  Looking forward to it =)

After almost two months of the movie coming out, I finally watched The Social Network.  It wasn’t by choice that’s for sure.  Yeah, I use Facebook and on it practically 24/7 but it never really occurred to me how it all started.  After watching The Social Network, it kind of gave me an idea of what happened and how difficult it is to expand your company.

I was never too interested in watching this movie and still think it’s only an alright movie after watching it.  Nothing about this movie really amused me or gave me that “wow-factor”.  But I do think there are some interesting aspects of this movie that makes it decent to watch. The Social Network portrays Mark Zuckerberg as a bitter, too-smart-for-this-own-good type of person.  He kind of thinks highly of himself and the whole world is out to get him.  I find it morally wrong how he can just steal someone’s idea and claim that it was his own.  At BCIT, I’ve taken a Media Law class which taught us, you can’t steal Intellectual Property unless they’ve implemented the idea into something physical.  But if Mark Zuckerberg hadn’t “stolen” this idea, we may not have Facebook today.  How would I ever waste time and keep up with people now?  That’s not the point..

I think it’s pretty funny how in one of the scenes, Eduardo’s then girlfriend Christy turns into a psycho and controlling girlfriend after she learns that he hasn’t changed his Facebook relationship status from single to in a relationship.  It’s those little things that makes me think how Facebook has changed our lives within the past few years.  The amount of information that’s being posted up on Facebook is ridiculous.  We basically expose our whole lives to everyone in the world to see.  And something as little as not changing your status can cause relationship problems.  In a way, I think technology has taken over and ruined some of the more simple things in life.  Though, I must admit that Facebook can help us out in a lot of ways as well.  Reconnecting to people you’ve met in the past, teachers, friends, co-workers, the list goes on.  For reconnecting the world, I thank you Mark Zuckerberg!


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